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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the company licensed and insured?
For any private rental we can provide you with a copy of our occupational license and insurance certificate. If you need to be listed as an additional insured, it takes up to 3 days for us to process the document and it is an extra charge.

Are the inflatables clean and sanitized?
For sanitary reasons, we disinfectant the surface areas and the over all inflatables after every rental.

Does the rental have to be setup on grass?
Our rentals work equally well on grass, pavement, concrete, asphalt, or even indoors. Just let us know at the time of the reservation, so we can bring the correct anchoring system when we deliver your inflatable. Inflatable’s setup on grass are anchored with long steel stakes, while inflatable’s setup on asphalt or indoors are anchored with sandbags. If you have special needs for you delivery, example: you a fall zone in the area that you want to set up or it’s going to be in an area where the truck can’t get to, we need to know at the moment of the reservation and the delivery charge will change.

How much power does the inflatable require?
Each inflatable typically uses one blower, which draws approximately 7-8 amps. This is roughly half of a typical 15 amp household circuit, or about 40% of a 20 amp circuit. Ideally, it is best to find an outlet where nothing else is plugged into that same electrical circuit. Many times, people assume that they have an outside outlet that nothing else is plugged into, so they should be OK. However, it is fairly common for all of your outdoor outlets to be on the same circuit as the outlets in your garage, where you may have a deep freezer or other appliances plugged in! It is best to identify a dedicated outlet/circuit in your home that is within 100 feet of the place you want to setup the inflatable, so you don’t have to worry about the Bounce House deflating in the middle of the event.

How long is the rental for?
We find that most parties are between 4 and 6 hours, so we allow you to reserve your party rental up to 7 hrs, to ensure you have it for the entire length of your party. If your party is longer than that, please let us know at the moment of the reservation to request additional time. We also offer overnight rentals and multiple day rentals for an additional charge.

How late can I keep the rental?
We prefer to pick up all inflatables prior to sunset, as it allows us to clean and inspect the inflatable in daylight. As the time of sunset varies throughout the year, so does our preferred pickup time! In the winter months, the latest pickups are generally 7pm. In the spring, summer, and fall, our pickups can be scheduled for as late as 7pm for water slides, or 7:30pm for all other inflatables. If your party is scheduled to go later, we sometimes have the option for an overnight rental which would be picked up the next morning. This option is not always available. Please let us know at the moment of the reservation.

What if we anticipate rain or bad weather?
Some things are out of our control. The weather is one of them. If the forecast is calling for heavy rain or thunder showers throughout the day, or wind conditions that exceed 25 mph, please call us immediately to cancel or postpone! If this happens, we understand, and want you to know that you will NOT lose your deposit! It will remain on your account, and can be applied toward any inflatable rental with All Florida Party Rentals in the future! If there is a possibility of a passing shower or the typical afternoon FL rain, we encourage you to keep the reservation, as rain will not hurt the inflatable, and the children can resume bouncing after the rain subsides and the inflatable is dried with a bath towel. If there is a good possibility that it will rain during your entire party time, and you are uncertain as to what to do – please call us to discuss. We are not weather experts, but can work with you to make the best decision, which might be to postpone, or we can sometimes shift delivery or pickup times to try to foil Mother Nature from stealing all of your joy! If the weather is questionable and you decide to keep your reservation, once the delivery crew has setup the inflatable at your party location, even if it rains during your party, we unfortunately cannot offer you a refund.

Can I have my party at a park?
Yes, we are approved vendors at local parks departments in South Florida. We meet or exceed all insurance requirements for Miami-Dade County, Broward County and Palm Beach County and many other municipalities around the area. There may be an extra charge for having your party at a park, due to insurance, generator and time constraints associated with parties in parks.

Am I expected to tip the delivery people?
Our delivery team goes out of their way to make sure you have a great rental experience! As such, you may desire to give them a tip for their great service. This is greatly appreciated by our crew, however, please know that tips are not expected, so do not feel uncomfortable if you do not feel inclined to tip for whatever reason.

Consumer Awareness

  • Make sure the jumper is set up by trained professionals who are familiar with the equipment.
  • Spend the extra money to have a trained operator supervising the jumper at all times.
    Pay attention to the weather.
  • Avoid inflatable’s on windy days.
  • Make sure the inflatable appears to be secured.
    Make sure that the operator is attending to his/her job.
  • Supervise children closely.
    Limit the number of children allowed in an inflatable jumper.
  • Never allow older kids to jump with younger children.
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